Old Route 3 Bridge — Gale, Illinois

This truss bridge carries old Illinois state route 3 over Sexton Creek near the community of Gale in northern Alexander County, Illinois.

Old Gale Bridge -- Alexander County, Illinois
The bridge was constructed in 1933 and bypassed by the reconstruction of state route 3 to the west in 1990.
Old Gale Bridge -- Alexander County, Illinois
The bridge is 337 feet long and 23 feet wide. It was rehabilitated in 2011
Old Gale Bridge -- Alexander County, Illinois
This bridge is elegible to be considered to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cairo-Mississippi River Bridge

Cairo-Mississippi River Bridge The Cairo-Mississippi River bridge was constructed in 1929 and carries US 60 and US 62 from Cairo Illinois across the Mississippi River to a point in Missouri just north of the town of Charleston. The bridge is 5,175 feet long. Cairo-Mississippi River Bridge
he bridge originated as a toll bridge in 1929, constructed by the American Bridge Company and the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Company. Traveling downstream, the Cairo Mississippi River Bridge is the southernmost crossing of the Mississippi River prior to its confluence with the Ohio River and lies just 2000 feet west of the mouth of the Ohio.
Cairo-Mississippi River Bridge Many people have pondered the question if the construction of the two Cairo River bridges played a role in the town’s demise. In the years since the construction of the two bridges, the town of Cairo has experienced an 81% population decline (1930 to 2010), the most dramatic decrease of any principal city in the United States. The bridges initially played a part in the town’s demise as the ferry and railroad industries were severely impacted. In 1978, the Cairo I-57 Bridge was completed less than five miles upstream, bypassing Cairo and contributing to its further decline. DSCN0290

Cairo-Ohio River Bridge

The Cairo-Ohio River Bridge carries US 51, 60 and 62 across the Ohio River from Wickliffe, Kentucky to Cairo, Illinois.
The Cairo Ohio River Bridge Of all the Ohio River crossings, it is the furthest downstream; the Mississippi River can be seen while crossing the bridge and looking westward. The Cairo Ohio River Bridge
The Cairo Ohio River Bridge Construction was awarded to Modjeski and Masters and the Mt. Vernon Bridge Company. It was finished in 1937 and rehabilitated in 1979. The bridge spans 5,863 feet and is 20 feet wide. DSCN0264
Today the Cairo Ohio River Bridge is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Ironton-Russell Bridge

The Ironton-Russell Bridge is a metal truss bridge that connections the towns of Ironton, Ohio and Russell, Kentucky. This bridge opened in 1922 and was the first bridge to cross the Ohio River in this part of the tri state area (Kentucky, Ohio & West Virginia).

Ironton-Russell Bridge The bridge carries 2 traffic lanes and a sidewalk across the Ohio River. Ironton-Russell Bridge
In 2012 construction began on a replacement bridge just up stream from the current structure. When this new suspension / cable concrete structure is complete, the nearly 100 year old Ironton-Russell Bridge will be demolished.

The Steamboat Bill Memorial Bridge — Decatur, Alabama

This bridge carries US 31/ALT US 72 and Alabama state route 20 over the Tennessee River at one of its widest spots and connects the counties of Limestone and Morgan County in Northern Alabama.
Steamboat Bill Memorial Bridge -- Decatur, Alabama//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
The bridge, completed in 1961 measures 2,502 feet in length and 30.1 feet wide.   This bridge carries North bound traffic, the bridge accompanying it, a concrete bridge completed in 1998 carries southbound traffic.

Puncheon Branch Trestle — Knott County, Kentucky

This trestle crosses the Puncheon Branch,a tributary of the Kentucky river and Kentucky route 1498 near it’s intersection with state route 7 in the community of Kite, Kentucky.
Trestle over KY 1468 at Kite, KY
The Trestle is 711 feet long.

Dr. James D. Hoskins-H.B. Jarnigan Bridge — Dandridge, Tennessee


This truss bridge carries highway 92 over the French Broad River and Douglass Lake heading south out of Dandridge.


The bridge was built from 1942-1944.  it is a classic example of many bridges built during World War II in the United States.  The total length of the bridge is 1,467 feet and the bridge is 18 feet wide.


In November it was announced that a contract was awarded to replace the bridge with a new structure to the west of the current bridge.  That article can be found by clicking HERE.


A video of crossing this bridge can also be found by clicking HERE

Old New River Bridge — Scott County, Tennessee


This is the old bridge that crosses the new river in Scott County….or use to until it was abandoned in 1963 when the span was bypassed.   The bridge was initially built in 1908/1909.    All but the center span has been removed.


The abandoned Pratt deck truss bridge over New River once carried Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway’s Cincinnati Southern Railroad (later Norfolk Southern), before being bypassed when a new bridge and tunnel were opened downriver in 1963.

A Real Modern Day Ghost Town: Thurmond, West Virginia

Thurmond is a modern day ghost town located in Fayette County, West Virginia.


Today most of the town has been purchased by the National Park Service and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   Thurmond is unique in the fact that It was never a coal camp, but it was a coal town. It was a small incorporated commercial center in the New River Gorge, situated at the junction of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad main line, which connected with the various small coal company lines that served the mines. Interestingly, Thurmond was accessible solely by rail until 1921.  Today the  town is accessible by state route 25 from US 19.


The town occupies a narrow stretch of flat land along the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad track, with no road between the tracks and the town.


Instead, a single-lane road crosses the New River on a single-track railroad bridge, crosses the main line, and climbs the hill behind the town so that it parallels the town 150 feet higher on the hill before dropping down next to the tracks.



The C&O station was built in 1888.


The original structure burned in 1903 and was replaced a year later.  Today It is a two story wood framed structure that was renovated in 1995 and functions  an Amtrak station and as a park service visitor center for the New River Gorge.


The National Bank of Thurmond building is a four story structure that was erected in 1917 by the Bullock Realty Company.


The building housed a jewelry store until 1922 when The National Bank of Thurmond purchased the building for $24,000.    The first level was originally cast iron store fronts but when the bank purchased the building they immediately began renovations and incorporated the cut limestone into their side of the building.   The National Bank of Thurmond was first opened in 1907 and was a victim of the Great Depression in 1931.


The Goodman Kinkaid Building is a three story structure that was constructed in 1905/1906 and consisted of two store fronts and two floors of apartments.


The Mankin-Cox Building is a three story structure and was constructed by DR. J.W. Mankin in 1904.  The building housed two store fronts and two floors of apartments.


This building was also home to a pharmacy operated by Mankin’s wife and the New River Bank and trust which remained here until they relocated to the National Bank of thurmond Building when they closed in 1931.  New River Bank and trust remained in Thurmond until 1935 when they relocated to nearby Oak Hill.


The Commisary was constructed by D.D Fitzgerald in 1929.


When the Lafayette Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1963 it took the towns post office which was located in the lobby with it.  The post office then moved to the commissary building where it would remain until 1995 when the post office at Thurmond closed.  The zip code at Thurmond is 25936.


At its peak, Thurmond boasted two banks, two hotels, two drugstores, two jewelry stores, Armour & Co. wholesale meat distributors, a movie theater, and several grocery stores and restaurants. The C & O Railroad had 15 miles of track on the Thurmond yards. The round house employed nearly 175 men and 20 local engines and their crews made their headquarters in Thurmond.

The town was placed on the National Register of HistoricPlaces in 1984.


During the 2005 election six of the town’s seven residents sought office.

The 2010 census lists the population of Thurmond at five and as those five pass away or move on to other places the houses and the land they sit on become property of the national park service and part of the New River Gorge.

Mebane Bridge, Eden North Carolina.

continuing with my exploration of Eden North Carolina, Today I am going to cover the Mebane Bridge.  Thanks to my friend Sunny for scoping this one out!   Online sources state that the bridge has been closed since the early 2000’s, and has not been rebuilt due to a lack of traffic.