Former Millard-Hensley Elementary School — Salyersville, Kentucky


The Millard-Hensley Elementary School building is located on US460 near the Licking River just north of the town of Salyersville in Magoffin County, Kentucky.

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The school closed it’s doors in 2009 after the new Magoffin North and Magoffin South Elementary Schools were completed.  At this time, five elementary schools were consolidated in to two.


If I were guessing I would say this school was built in the 1960s or 1970s.  It has the typical flat roof of that era and the elongated windows from floor to ceiling.  The school seems to be in very good shape, and the grounds are secure.  The public doesn’t even have access to the parking lot as it is roped off.


Apparently times were great at one point for this school and the enrollment was so large that mobile units were needed.


The main entrance.


school4Oh yeah, the building is for lease, if you are interested.


I’m glad to see that so far, six years after its closure the building is holding up and hasnt fallen victim to vandals like so many others I have came across have.