Marianne Theater — Bellvue, Kentucky

The Marianne is a beautiful 1940s Art Deco, single-screen movie theater located in the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati suburb of Bellvue.
Marianne Theater -- Bellvue, Kentucky

The Marianne opened for business on March 1, 1942.  It has a seating capacity of 542.
Marianne Theater -- Bellvue, Kentucky By the mid 1990s the Marianne had began running second run movies and eventually closed for business. The last movie to play in the theater was the 1998 Tommy Lee Jones film “U.S. Marshals” Marianne Theater -- Bellvue, Kentucky
In February of 2018 developers announced that the theater would be restored and turned into an event center for live concerts and other performances.

New Market Cinema — Newport-News, Virginia

Located off 79th Street in Newport-News, the New Market Theater (Cinema) first opened for business September 13, 1965 as the New Market Theater.  I cant pinpoint an exact closing date for this theater any closer than the mid 1990s.

Former New Market Cinemas -- Newport-News, VA

A time capsule buried on the property was opened in 2015 and contained a lot of 1960s memorabilia including an autographed picture of the Beatles.

Cinema 4 — Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Cinema 4 --  Carolina Beach, North Carolina
This theater sits behind the Federal Point shopping Center that currently is home to Maxway and a giant vacant Food Lion store that has been closed since 2006.
Cinema 4 --  Carolina Beach, North Carolina
Despite the neighboring shopping centers woes and deterioration over the years, this theater hung on and stayed in business until 2010.
Cinema 4 --  Carolina Beach, North Carolina
Then on June 24 after announcing that they would not renew their lease, Carmike closed this theater for business and it has sat empty ever since.
Cinema 4 --  Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Cinema 4 --  Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Abandoned Drift Theater — Floyd County, Kentucky

This theater is located next door to the former post office of Drift, Kentucky that I covered in this blog in the previous entry.  The building was completed and the theater opened in 1940.
Abandoned Theater -- Drift, KY The theater had one screen and 150 seats. Abandoned Theater -- Drift, KY

Abandoned Theater -- Drift, KY Abandoned Theater -- Drift, KY

Abandoned Theater -- Drift, KY

Millwald Theatre — Wytheville, Virginia

The Millwald Theater was constructed and opened in 1928 on Main Street in Wytheville, Virginia.


The theater was built with a seating capacity of 424. Later it was converted into three screens, by dividing the balcony.  The theatre closed as a movie theatre in 2006, just about the time that a new 8 screen Marquee Theater was built out near the interstate and a new shopping center.  The building is now home to a church.