All That Remains: Salem Mall, Trotwood, Ohio

Former Sears -- Salem Mall, Trotowood, Ohio

Salem Mall was the first enclosed shopping mall in the Dayton Ohio area, opening in 1966.  The mall originally was home to 60 stores and was anchored by Rike’s and Sears. In the early 1980s the mall was reworked and now had a capacity for over 100 stores.  By the mid 90s the mall was considered a dead mall A death knell came to the mall in 1998 when both Lazarus and JC Penney pulled out of the mall.
Former Sears -- Salem Mall, Trotowood, Ohio With changing demographis and a general eastward flight of new development in the Dayton area, Salem Mall eventually, battered and beaten closed its doors and on May 6, 2006 demolition on the mall began. Only the Sears building would remain standing. Former Sears -- Salem Mall, Trotowood, Ohio
In October 2013 it was announced that Sears would close its Trotwood location. That building has been standing vacant since.
Former Sears -- Salem Mall, Trotowood, Ohio


May 2017 Indiana/Ohio Road Trip: Day 2

These crazy road trips where I bounce back and forth between a couple of states and drive several hundred miles a day hurt a little more than they use to. Today wasnt hardly as many miles as yesterday: 320. I started out the day in Logansport, Indiana. First on my agenda was to check out the mall right across the street from my hotel. The only stores in this mall are Dunham’s Sports and JC Penney. The JC Penney is closing next month. I was impressed with the mall management keeping the fountain going and even putting fake wooden ducks in it haha.
Logansport Mall//
There has been a lot of talk that this mall will close soon and be demolished for the land to be redeveloped.
The next stop was Peru, Indiana where I went to the tiniest Kmart ever. Ill post pictures of that later.

After Peru, I drove down to Marion to explore the Five Points Mall. Much to my surprise there was a carnival set up in the parking lot and that was really cool.
Five Points Mall//
This mall is anchored by Carsons and Roses. It was originally anchored by Carsons, Hills, JC Penney and Sears. The JC Penney and Sears are empty, the Hills is now Roses.
Carnival at Five Points Mall//
A couple of Goodwills later and lunch at some place called the root beer stand and I was on my way to the second Kmart of the day; Gas City, Indiana. This store is a perfect mirrored image layout of the store that was at Village Center Mall in Harlan. Auto Center and all.

After this it gets fuzzy. I started getting tired and just put the address of an abandoned Sears in Trotwood, Ohio in the GPS. I do remember going through Muncie and Richmond.
Welcome To Ohio//
Former Sears -- Trotwood, Ohio//
ALl that remains of the old Salem Mall in Trotwood just north of Dayton.
I explored a few more things and was in the hotel room by 6. An early evening should recharge my batteries. A lot is on tap for tomorrow, I’ll need it.

Richmond Mall — Richmond, Kentucky

Richmond Mall Closed Sears hometown -- Richmond, KY Richmond Mall is actually one of the newer malls when it comes to the bluegrass state. It was a late comer to the mall craze, opening in September 1988.  Richmond Mall was developed by the same company that developed the similar sized malls in Middlesboro, Somerset and Madisonville. IMG_20170412_133251856 When Richmond Mall opened it was home to Walmart, JC Penney, Goody’s and Dawahares. Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky Walmart left Richmond Mall in March 1996 when they opened a supercenter next door. Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky The biggest blow to Richmond Mall came in 2008 when Richmond Centre opened on the other side of town. When Richmond Centre opened it attracted JC Penney, Dawahares, Goodys and Hastings directly from Richmond Mall. Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky According to an article in the Lexington Herald Leader, when Richmond Centre opened Richmond Mall had an occupancy rate of 98%. By 2010 that rate had dropped to below 50% and the mall was put up for auction.Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky
Today the mall is home to a church, a Habitat for Humanity Re-store, a Mexican Restaurant, Payless Shoes and Bath & Body Works along with several other smaller local stores.
IMG_20170412_133418658 Oddly enough this location of Payless wasnt among the 400 store closures the chain recently announced. IMG_20170412_133500819
IMG_20170412_134418129 IMG_20170412_134458904
Richmond Mall IMG_20170412_133735243
Former Goody’s
Closed Sears hometown -- Richmond, KY Closed Sears hometown -- Richmond, KY
The Sears Hometown store closed in January of 2017.
Closed Sears hometown -- Richmond, KY Closed Sears hometown -- Richmond, KY
IMG_20170412_133143274 Former JC Penney -- Richmond KY
Richmond Mall -- RIchmond, KY Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky
Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky Richmond Mall -- Richmond, Kentucky


So Long My Friend. Saying Goodbye to Oak Hollow Mall

Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC If there are two things in this life I am the first would be a nerd and the second would be sentimental. When I lived in Greensboro, this mall was a pretty happening place. It wasnt as busy and overwhelmingly big as Four Seasons in Greensboro or Haynes Mall in Winston. It was just right. Plus, it had a Steve and Barry’s. Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
On Januiary 6, 2017, High Point University, the owner of the mall announced that the mall would finally close its doors on March 10th. The press release blamed Sears decision to close their call center located at the mall and the Universities inability to rebuild the malls tennant base.
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
I won’t go into a huge history of the mall, I did that in a post on this very blog last year when I visited the mall at that time. That post can be found by clicking HERE.
The main focus of this entry is a pure photo documentation of Oak Hollow Mall in its final days.
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
The Dillard’s Clearance store is owned by Dillard’s and will remain open.
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC The university opperates a community center inside the former JC Penney store. This community center will remain after the mall has closed. Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
Oak Hollow Mall -- High Point, NC
So long Oak Hollow Mall, thank you for the memories.


Analogue Love  --Kmart -- Cedar Bluff, Virginia Kmart -- Claypool Hill Mall
This Kmart was located in the Claypool Hill mall in Cedar Bluff, Virginia. The Mall is co-anchored by Belk and previously Goody’s.
Kmart -- Claypool Hill Mall The Kmart was opened on March 18, 1982. Kmart -- Claypool Hill Mall
On January 15, 2016 it was announced that the Kmart at Claypool Hill Mall would be closing in April.
Kmart -- Cedar Bluff, VA
After the Cedar Bluff Kmart closed only two Kmart stores remaim in all of Southwest Virginia, those being located in Abingdon and Wytheville. Wytheville is scheduled to close by the end of the year.


Becker Village Mall — Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

I can remember back around 2009 or 2010 I stumbled upon this mall online in a block entry on labelscar.  It fascinated me.  With the mall being in the far north eastern portion of North Carolina I hadnt had a chance to visit it, until now.  It is just as magnificent and fascinating as I always had hoped it would be. Before I get on to the pictures I will offer a few basic facts.

  • Opened in 1980
  • Kmart closed in 2002
  • Belk closed in 2006
  • The mall was sold in 2014 to a firm in New Jersey.

Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC JC Penney is the last remaining anchor in business at Becker Village Mall and has also closed off their direct mall entrance. Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC
Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC Inside the corridor, goodluck finding any signs of life other than mall walkers. Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC
Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC Kmart at Becker Village Mall closed in the 2002 round of store closings and the space has been vacant since. Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC
Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC The other anchor, Belk, closed in late 2006. This space has also been vacant since Belk’s departure. Former Belk -- Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC
Former Belk -- Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC Former Belk -- Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC
Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC One of the few businesses open in the mall is H&R Block. Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC
When I was researching this mall for this entry I came across something someone had posted in 2006. This same exact vinyl banner was in those pictures as well. The banner is still going strong. That’s the only thing still going strong at Becker Village.
Becker Village Mall -- Roanoke Rapids, NC


Turfland Mall (1967-2008) — Lexington, Kentucky

Turfland Mall is probably the least talked about and remembered of Lexington’s four enclosed shopping malls.
Turfland Mall Map -- Lexington, KY

The mall  first opened at 2033 Harrodsburg Road as Lexington’s first enclosed shopping mall in August of 1967, that’s right, before Fayette Mall and even before the old Lexington Mall.   The original anchors were Grant City, McAplin’s and Montgomery Ward.   Grant City was the first of the anchors to close in 1976.  That space was quickly filled by JC Penney.  JC Penney would remain in this space until 1993 when the newer and rapidly growing Fayette Mall’s location of Hess Department Store Closed.  JC Penney moved to Fayette Mall.
Turfland Mall -- Lexington, Kentucky Turfland Mall was sold in 1997 and a 5 million dollar renovation project began.  In 1998 McAlpins was sold to Dillard’s and later that year the old JC Penney Space was then replaced by a Dillard’s Home Store. Turfland Mall -- Lexington, Kentucky
In December of 1990 the two screen theater at Turfland Mall was closed.
Turfland Mall -- Lexington, KY Montgomery Ward closed at Turfland Mall in 2000 and its space was reconfigured for use by a new Home Depot Store. On December 31, 2007 it was announced that Dillard’s would close both stores at Turfland Mall.   The Dillard’s Home Store closed in April of 2008 with the main Dillard’s store remaining in operation until June 22, 2008.  The final remaining retail unit remained in operation at Turfland mall was GNC.  The GNC store closed on July 31, 2008.  The mall closed to the public on October 1, 2008. Turfland Mall Demolition -- Lexington, Kentucky

In February of 2014 demolition began and the mall was razed.  The Lexington Herald Leader done a very nice job covering the demolition and included a complete photo set to document the mall’s demolition.  That article can be found by clicking HERE
The site is now home to UK Healthcare at Turfland. Nice that they continued the use of the old name. 🙂