Brookside Elementary School — Sullivan County, Tennessee

Brookside Elementary School was located in the Bloomingdale community of Sullivan County, Tennessee just north of Kingsport.
Former Brookside School -- Bloomingdale, Tennessee Sullivan County has been prone to school consolidation over the past several years. These consolidations have not came because of declining population, but mostly due to annexation by the city of Kingsport. In 2009 this specific community, Bloomingdale had 5 schools operating as part of the Sullivan County schools. Now there is one elementary school (K-8) and one high school which itself has became center of consolidation discussions for the better part of the past decade. Former Brookside School -- Bloomingdale, TN
When Brookside closed at the end of the 2011/12 school year there were 233 students enrolled. Those students were moved to Ketron Elementary a couple of miles away the following year.
Former Brookside School -- Bloomingdale, TN

Loy Memorial Methodist Church — New Market, Tennessee

This church is located in the New Market community of Jefferson County, Tennessee about 20 miles north east of Knoxville.
Former Loy Methodist Church -- New Market, Tennessee
The church was organized and built in 1908. In 2016, 108 years after the church opened its doors, the building began a new life as an art gallery known as the Gray Dove Studio.

Flag Pond School — Unicoi County,Tennessee

Flag Pond Elementary School was located in the Unicoi County community of Flag Pond, high up in the deep mountains of extreme eastern Tennessee bordering North Carolina.
Former Flag Pond Elementary School The current Flag Pond School was created when Rocky Fork School and Sweetwater School were consolidated. Former Flag Pond Elementary School
Interestingly enough, another earlier school was located in the community called “Hog Skin”.
Former Flag Pond Elementary School Today the Flag Pond School sits empty and although has been that way for around 20 years, it still seems to be secured and maintained. The grounds of this school is home to the annual ramp festival which is held on the second Saturday of May each year. Information about this past years festival can be found by clicking HERE Former Flag Pond Elementary School
Former Flag Pond Elementary School

Mascot Hosiery Mill — Sweetwater, Tennessee

Sweetwater, Tennessee One of the more prominent and interesting buildings you will find in downtown Sweetwater Tennessee is the old Mascot Hosiery Mill building. Sweetwater, Tennessee
The Mill was chartered in 1896 by the Patton Brothers. Patton Brothers operated the mill until 1967 when it was purchased by Crescent Mill. The mill is now closed but it appears newer windows have been installed and paint work done on various parts of the building. Hopefully this beautiful unique building will be saved.

Kmart — Sweetwater, Tennessee

Kmart -- Sweetwater, TN This Kmart was located at 902 S. Main Street in Sweetwater, Tennessee. The Kmart in Sweetwater was originally located on up the road in a much smaller metal barn style Kmart. This building opened for business February 8, 1993. Kmart -- Sweetwater, TN
Kmart -- Sweetwater, TN Kmart -- Sweetwater, TN
Kmart -- Sweetwater, Tennessee On April 21, 2016 it was announced that this Kmart as well as 67 others would close by the end of July. Kmart -- Sweetwater, Tennessee
The store closed for good at the end of business July 31.

The Strand Theatre — Kingsport, Tennessee

Downtown Kingsport, Tennessee
The Strand Theatre was the first movie theater in Kingsport. Originally located on the corner of Main and Shelby Streets, the theater moved to 140 Broad Street (former home of Goodwin Furniture Company) in 1925. When the Strand first moved to Broad Street it was referred to as Nu Strand Theatre.
The Strand Theatre burned down on December 22, 1945, but was reopened in 1947.
Downtown Kingsport, Tennessee

The Strand Theater officially closed October 23, 1982.

In 1989, the Restoration Church moved into the historic theater building.  A very informational article, including historical pictures of the theatre can be found by clicking HERE

Shady Valley Elementary — Johnson County, Tennessee

Shady Valley School is one of the few WPA school buildings still being utilized that I have came across in my travels.
Shady Valley Elementary -- Shady Valley, Tennessee The building was built in 1936.   Shady Valley Elementary -- Shady Valley, Tennessee
Today the school still serves around 50 students.
Shady Valley Elementary -- Shady Valley, Tennessee Shady Valley Elementary --Shady Valley, Tennessee
Shady Valley Elementary --  Shady Valley, Tennessee

Dr. James D. Hoskins-H.B. Jarnigan Bridge — Dandridge, Tennessee


This truss bridge carries highway 92 over the French Broad River and Douglass Lake heading south out of Dandridge.


The bridge was built from 1942-1944.  it is a classic example of many bridges built during World War II in the United States.  The total length of the bridge is 1,467 feet and the bridge is 18 feet wide.


In November it was announced that a contract was awarded to replace the bridge with a new structure to the west of the current bridge.  That article can be found by clicking HERE.


A video of crossing this bridge can also be found by clicking HERE

Flat Gap Elementary School — Hancock County, Tennessee

There isn’t a whole lot of information online about this school.


Flat Gap Elementary School is located about 10 miles south of Sneedville at the intersection of Tennessee state route 31 and 131 in the community of Treadway, very close to the Grainger County line.


My estimates are that the school opened in the 1950s and probably closed around 2001 when Hancock County closed the outlying schools in favor of one centralized elementary school in Sneedville.


After the school was closed the facility was used as some sort of canning factory.  That factory has since closed and the school is now home to the Appalachian Service Project.


As always if you have any information or stories about this school, please feel free to comment or message me and thanks for reading!


Old Hancock County Ambulance Service Building –Sneedville, Tennessee

When I was planning my little trip down to explore around this part of Tennessee I had looked at Google Maps and topophography maps and found this building.  At first I thought I had stumbled upon a former school building.


This building is located on the southside of Sneedville on Main Street, also known as state route 33.


Im still not entirely convinced….however, I am apt to believe that this building once served as the Hancock County Hospital prior to the new Welmont hospital that opened in Sneedville in 2005.


More recently this building served as the headquarters of the Hancock County Ambulance Service.  That organization has sense moved to a more modern facility nearer to the new hospital.

As you can see access to the building is readily available and the back side of the building is not secure.


And sadly the building has fallen prey to vandalism and just general deterioration over time.


Its almost as if this place just closed up one day and no one came back the next and just decided to leave everything behind.

As usual if you have any information to add about the history of this building please comment or message & thanks for reading.