Kmart — Mayberry Mall (1976-2016)

Kmart -- Mount Airy, North Carolina This Kmart is located at 100 Mayberry Mall in the town of Mount Airy, North Carolina. Kmart -- Mount Airy, North Carolina
First a little history on Mayberry Mall. The mall opened in 1968 anchored by Winn Dixie and WT Grant’s Grant City. The Kmart opened in 1976 after WT Grant’s Grant City, which was the original anchor in this spot closed in 1975. in 1970 Belk joined the mall, and in 1987 JC Penney moved into the mall.
Kmart -- Mount Airy, North Carolina In late September it was announced that 64 more Kmart stores would close. Among these stores was the store at Mayberry Mall. Kmart -- Mount Airy, North Carolina
Kmart -- Mount Airy, North Carolina This store closes for good today, December 11, 2016. Once it is closed the last of the mall Kmart stores in North Carolina will be gone. At one time there were several mall Kmart stores in the state including ones in Eden, Hendersonville and Roanoke Rapids. Kmart -- Mount Airy, North Carolina


Turfland Mall (1967-2008) — Lexington, Kentucky

Turfland Mall is probably the least talked about and remembered of Lexington’s four enclosed shopping malls.
Turfland Mall Map -- Lexington, KY

The mall  first opened at 2033 Harrodsburg Road as Lexington’s first enclosed shopping mall in August of 1967, that’s right, before Fayette Mall and even before the old Lexington Mall.   The original anchors were Grant City, McAplin’s and Montgomery Ward.   Grant City was the first of the anchors to close in 1976.  That space was quickly filled by JC Penney.  JC Penney would remain in this space until 1993 when the newer and rapidly growing Fayette Mall’s location of Hess Department Store Closed.  JC Penney moved to Fayette Mall.
Turfland Mall -- Lexington, Kentucky Turfland Mall was sold in 1997 and a 5 million dollar renovation project began.  In 1998 McAlpins was sold to Dillard’s and later that year the old JC Penney Space was then replaced by a Dillard’s Home Store. Turfland Mall -- Lexington, Kentucky
In December of 1990 the two screen theater at Turfland Mall was closed.
Turfland Mall -- Lexington, KY Montgomery Ward closed at Turfland Mall in 2000 and its space was reconfigured for use by a new Home Depot Store. On December 31, 2007 it was announced that Dillard’s would close both stores at Turfland Mall.   The Dillard’s Home Store closed in April of 2008 with the main Dillard’s store remaining in operation until June 22, 2008.  The final remaining retail unit remained in operation at Turfland mall was GNC.  The GNC store closed on July 31, 2008.  The mall closed to the public on October 1, 2008. Turfland Mall Demolition -- Lexington, Kentucky

In February of 2014 demolition began and the mall was razed.  The Lexington Herald Leader done a very nice job covering the demolition and included a complete photo set to document the mall’s demolition.  That article can be found by clicking HERE
The site is now home to UK Healthcare at Turfland. Nice that they continued the use of the old name. 🙂