MC Napier High School — Perry County, Kentucky

Ive passed the school many times. I can remember when MC Napier High School and Dilce Combs High School merged to form Perry County Central. I was in my early years of high school then and I can remember watching the news on channel 57 detailing all of the new amenities the students would have at the new high school. I was envious.
Former M.C. Napier High School
Before I dive into the specifics of MC Napier, Im going to speak a bit about it’s counterpart, Dilce Combs High School located on the other side of the county is basically a twin structure to MC Napier, but unlike the 3 story MC Napier High School Dilce Combs was two stories. That building is currently occupied by local offices.
Former M.C. Napier High School MC Napier High School opened in 1953 and was named for local educator Mitchell Campbell Napier who was instrumental in securing WPA funds for the school district building plan during his tenure as the county Superintendent. Former M.C. Napier High School
The MC Napier High School was closed alongside Dilce Combs High School in 1995 when they were merged to form the newly opened Perry County Central High School. After the MC Napier grounds ceased operation as a high school the county district continued to utilize it as an Alternative School until 2005.
Former M.C. Napier High School The school was sold in 2007 at auction to a private entity. Former M.C. Napier High School
Today the school stands gutted, fallen victim to vandalism and the elements.
Former M.C. Napier High School Former M.C. Napier High School

Kodak UltraMax 400 Kodak UltraMax 400

Kodak UltraMax 400

Snow Day Photo Remix

It’s been brutally cold here today so i honestly havent even been out of the house.  To be quite honest I havent been much more than out of my bed haha.   That doesnt mean I havent been bored.  So I got to looking on an SD card from last fall and found some pictures and Ive been playing around with them with different effects on ipiccy ( which btw is the best , most user friendly free photo editing site I’ve found)   []  Enjoy.


My personal favorite is this picture of downtown Harlan, Kentucky that I took back in the summer from Ivy Hill.


The old MC. Napier High School located in Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky.  This school was opened in the early 1950s and closed when it consolidated with Dilce Combs High School to form Perry County Central High School in 1995.  The building had been used as an Alternative school until 2005, when the alternative school closed the property was auctioned off in 2007.


a loadout at Bledsoe Coal Corp in Leslie County, Kentucky.

IMG_1236]The Moonlite Drive in located along US Hwy 11 just south of Abingdon, Virginia as it appeared in June of 2014.  Upon doing a quick google search I came across the Facebook page for this drive in and apparently the owners are hoping to open back up next summer.  This drive in originally opened in 1949 and is on the National Register of HIstoric Places.