Old Long Hollow School — Lee County, Virginia

I thought that I had explored every nook and cranny in Lee County.  That is until several weeks ago when I ran across this beauty completely by accident.
Old Long Hollow School A friend of mine who lives in the general area where the school is located has told me that her father attended school there.  I havent been able to pinpoint an exact opening or closing date as of yet.  If you have any information about this school please comment below.  Enjoy. Old Long Hollow School -- Lee County, Virginia

Old Long Hollow School -- Lee County, Virginia

Blackwater High School — Lee County, Virginia


Blackwater High School is located near the intersection of Virginia State Route 70 which travels north from Jonesville South over into the Kyles Ford area of Hancock County, Tennessee and State Route 604 which is also known as the Dr. Andrew Jackson Osborne Highway.


The school was built in 1925 and has many of the same archecture ideas and themes as the school that was built in that era at Keokee on the other end of Lee County.

I cant find a whole lot of information about this school, other than a website that is dedicated to the history of the community of Blackwater.  I combed through some of the guestbook entries and I am led to believe that this school was a combined school meaning it served grades K-12.

The school closed at the end of the 1970-71 school year but is still used every year for a gathering of alumni for the annual Blackwater Reunion.


Ewing Theatre — Lee County, Virginia

This blog is usually filled with abandoned or old schools and/or post offices, but another one of my hobbies and joys is getting out and photographing and researching the history of old theaters like this one and drive ins.


Ewing is located in what is locally known as “The Lower End”  or the western end of Lee County near Cumberland Gap.  In fact, Ewing is one of the western-most settlements in the state of Virginia.


I’m not entirely sure when this theater….or theatre opened or closed.  My guess would be that it was constructed in the 1950s and probably closed in the 1980s.


On Cinematreasures.org someone had posted links to news paper clippins showing show times for shows all the way up to 1979 when the movie “Superman” was playing.


Children under 5 were admitted free at that time.  What a concept right?


Today the building stands in a state of disrepair and is basically a hulled out shell of its self.  I would love to find pictures of this place in its heyday.

The Blackwater Community of Lee County, Virginia

There is a semi interesting story as to why I ever went to Blackwater in the first place.   Back in 2008 when I was working at Walmart in Jonesville I worked in lawn and garden so I was outside for a big part of my day.  One day I was outside and a fully blacked out  GMC Denali pulled up and the passenger window rolls down,  this lady with a very obvious french infulenced american accent proceeds to ask me for directions to Blackwater.  At this time I was new to Lee County, I had no idea where it was.  So I had to get a co-worker to come over and give her directions.  When the Denali left I saw that it had Quebec Canadian license plates on the back.  For some reason, this peaked my interest in Blackwater.  So one day on my day off I drove across highway 70 to Blackwater.

The road to Blackwater is very curvy and mountainous, but it is also very scenic and relaxing at the same time.  Blackwater is definitely off the beaten path, and it isn’t anything spectacular, but it is just a nice place to drive when you want to collect your thoughts and think.


This first picture is from highway 70 looking back toward Jonesville as you are crossing over into Blackwater.

DSCN0451 DSCN0449 DSCN0447

This is the old Blackwater High School.  It is located on the AJ Osborne Highway about a mile off of Highway 70.  The school ceased functioning as a high school in 1972.  I can’t find out for sure, but I think the building was used after that as an elementary school.  The school is obviously well maintained and secure, unlike many other old schools you find in Appalachia.


Looking toward Blackwater High School on AJ Osborne Highway.

DSCN0454 DSCN0458Farming is a way of life here.DSCN0459




The Blackwater, Virginia post office is located in this building.


The intersection of AJ Osborne Highway and Highway 70.  Turn left you go to Tennessee, first stop Kyles Ford, more on that stop tomorrow!