Mounds Township High School — Pulaski County, Illinois

Former Mounds Township High School

When I first started planning my trip back to Cairo I knew I wanted to travel north of the city and explore.  The last, and only other time I explored Cairo it was a simple jet across the bridge, explore the town and then jet back across the bridge.  I found this wonderful ruin on google earth in the nearby town of Mounds.  I knew I had to visit.
Former Mounds Township High School Mounds Township High School was built sometime in the 1920s. It was one of 4 high schools that served this area of Pulaski County. Former Mounds Township High School
The school’s mascot was the Railroaders and the school’s colors were Purple, Gold and White.
Former Mounds Township High School
The school remained in operation until the end of the 1963-64 school year when Mounds-Meridian High School opened and consolidated Mounds Township with three other neighboring high schools. The Consolidated school is still in operation as simply Meridian High School. Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year is approximately 130 students.