Neon Theater — Letcher County, Kentucky

There are conflicting sources of information about this theater and its origins online.  I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon trying to figure out which theater this is of the three that have been in the small town of Neon, Kentucky over the course of its existence.
Neon Theater -- Neon, KY
Im leaning towards this being the theater that was built in 1949 to replace The Bentley that was destroyed by fire in 1944.  The architectural features of this building tend to lend itself to that era.
Neon Theater -- Neon, KY
There were hopes as recently as 2012 to restore the theater but no action on those hopes have come to reality yet.
Neon Theater -- Neon, KY
The building most recently served as a combination Army Surplus Store / Video Rental


Eden Drive In — Rockingham County, North Carolina


The Eden Drive In is located on the edge of the city of Eden at 106 Fireman Club Road.


The drive in opened in 1949 with a capacity of 200 cars.  EdenDriveIn2

The drive in has been upgraded to all digital equipment and remains in operation today as one of the last remaining drive in theaters in the state.


Millwald Theatre — Wytheville, Virginia

The Millwald Theater was constructed and opened in 1928 on Main Street in Wytheville, Virginia.


The theater was built with a seating capacity of 424. Later it was converted into three screens, by dividing the balcony.  The theatre closed as a movie theatre in 2006, just about the time that a new 8 screen Marquee Theater was built out near the interstate and a new shopping center.  The building is now home to a church.