The Earle Theater — Mount Airy, North Carolina

The Earle Theater is located at 142 North Main Street in downtown Mount Airy, North Carolina.
The Earle Theater-- Mount Airy, North Carolina//
The theater was opened for the first time in 1938 and had a seating capacity of 600, operated by the Stuart and Everett chain of theaters.
Mount Airy North Carolina//
By the late 70s multiplex theaters had arrived in northwest North Carolina and by 1980 the competition was just too much and the Earle Theater closed for business.
Mount Airy North Carolina//
n 1990, Stewart and Everett Theatres donated the theatre to Surry Arts Council. The theatre was in great disrepair and after countless hours of volunteer work, the theatre got a new lease on life, reopening as the Downtown Cinema Theatre. The Surry Arts Council operates the theatre five nights a week, showing movies at a 3.00 admission. The theatre is also available for other activities. By 2011, it was known again as the Earle Theatre

Hillsville Diner — Hillsville, Virginia


The Hillsville Diner is located on Main Street in Hillsville, Virginia.  The diner was first opened in 1946.  The legend is that the original proprietor moved his restaurant from Mount Airy, North Carolina where a young Andy Griffith often frequented and opened the Hillsville Diner.  The present owners have operated it since 1966.  The Diner is part of the Hillsville Historic District which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 16, 2002.