Neon Theater — Letcher County, Kentucky

There are conflicting sources of information about this theater and its origins online.  I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon trying to figure out which theater this is of the three that have been in the small town of Neon, Kentucky over the course of its existence.
Neon Theater -- Neon, KY
Im leaning towards this being the theater that was built in 1949 to replace The Bentley that was destroyed by fire in 1944.  The architectural features of this building tend to lend itself to that era.
Neon Theater -- Neon, KY
There were hopes as recently as 2012 to restore the theater but no action on those hopes have come to reality yet.
Neon Theater -- Neon, KY
The building most recently served as a combination Army Surplus Store / Video Rental

Fleming-Neon High School — Letcher County, Kentucky

Fleming-Neon High School -- Letcher County, KY

High On The Hill

Fleming-Neon High School is located high upon the hill above the town of Flemming-Neon.  Fleming-Neon has a particularly interesting history as until 1977 Fleming and Neon were two separate Municipalities.  In all technicalness of the geography of this town, the school actually is located in what was Neon prior to the city consolidation. Fleming-Neon High School -- Letcher County, KY

School Origins

The Fleming-Neon High School was originally built by the Elkhorn Coal Corporation in 1925  to provide an educational system for the children of the coal miners. The school’s mascot was a pirate and the school colors were purple and gold.  A picture of this structure can be found by clicking HERE

Fire & Reconstruction

On the night of February 11, 1958 the original Fleming-Neon High School was destroyed by a fire.  High School classes were then held in the neighboring elementary school while the present high school structure was completed in the same spot, high up on the hill.  Enrollment at the time of the fire was 380 students. Finally on May 21, 1960 the new 14 room high school was dedicated.

Consolidation and The End

In 2003 The Letcher County Board of Education moved forward with a plan and began construction on a new centralized consolidated high school that would result in the closure and the end of the three county high schools, Letcher, Whitesburg and Fleming-Neon.Fleming-Neon High School -- Letcher County, KY At the end of the 2004-2005 school year Fleming-Neon High School closed.  It’s final enrollment count was 218 students in grades 9-12.
Fleming-Neon High School - Letcher Co KY

Fleming-Neon High School -- Letcher County, KY//

The First Dawahares Store — Letcher County, Kentucky

Dawahares was a (almost) Kentucky exclusive department store that operated stores across the state and one store in Tennessee and 2 in West Virginia.
The First Dawahares -- Neon, KYThe first of those stores, which grew to around 30 at its peak in the early 2000s was this store at Neon, Kentucky.  This store opened in 1922 and the owner and his family resided above the store.  This location on main street in Neon closed in 1987.
The First Dawahares -- Neon, KY
In 2006 Dawahares closed several locations, including the one in Harlan at Village Center Mall where Goody’s currently is.  In 2008 Dawahares announced they would liquidate and close the remaining 22 stores.