Haysi High School, Haysi, Virginia


School consolidation has become a common practice in the hills of appalachia.  Populations decline, revenue sources dry up and school divisions and districts are forced to close aging schools.  This past June, Haysi (pronounced HAY-SIGH) High School became the latest victim to school consolidation in the region after 87 years of serving the northern end of Dickenson County.


Located high on a hill behind the town of Haysi just off of Virginia state route 83 the school was closed for good in June of 2015.  Dickenson County voted to consolidate Haysi, Ervinton and Clintwood High School into one central high school all the way back in October of 2010.


Haysi High School was a 8-12 facility and the last reported enrollment figure that I can find is 264 students as of 2012.  That number had to be higher at closing because in 2013 the Dickenson County Board of Education voted to close Ervinton High School early and combine those students with Haysi Students, so I am thinking it was closer to the 400 mark when the school closed in June of  2015.


The new school, Ridgeview which combined students from Haysi (&Ervinton) with Clintwood opened up State route 83 between  Clinchco and Clintwood closer to the center of the county.


I suppose these guys were the guard birds watching over the building.


Hopefully the town or county can obtain this building and recruit some industry or some useful municipal services for the citizens so the building can be of use for many years to come.