Shields High School Gym — Seymour, Indiana

P1000065 In November of 1937 construction began on a new gymnasium for the Seymour Indiana high school then known as Sheilds High School. The new gym was completed as a WPA project in 1938 and provided the high school and community with a modern, fire-proof gymnasium with a seating capacity of over 3,300. P1000066
The gymnasium continued to serve Shields High School until 1959, when the high school moved to a new campus and changed its name to Seymour High School.
P1000061 Upon the moving of Sheilds High School, the gym, and main school building which use to stand directly beside the gym were transformed into the new Sheilds Middle School. P1000058
The buildings remained in service to the community in this function until 1981 when the new Seymour Middle School opened.
P1000057 The main part of the Sheilds High School was demolished in 1998. P1000062
The gymnasium remains standing on 6th Street to this very day.
P1000063 P1000068


Booker T Washington School — Hopkinsville, Kentucky

The Booker T Washington School is located on Second Street and until 1922 was named the Jackson Street School.
Booker T Washington Elementary -- Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Following integration of local public schools, Booker T. Washington housed classes for several programs, including middle school students, Head Start and adult literacy. The building has been vacant for about 15 years.
Booker T Washington Elementary -- Hopkinsville, Kentucky
In early 2010 a fire damaged an entire wing of the school and in March of that year that secion of the school was demolished.
Booker T Washington Elementary -- Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Booker T Washington Elementary -- Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Flag Pond School — Unicoi County,Tennessee

Flag Pond Elementary School was located in the Unicoi County community of Flag Pond, high up in the deep mountains of extreme eastern Tennessee bordering North Carolina.
Former Flag Pond Elementary School The current Flag Pond School was created when Rocky Fork School and Sweetwater School were consolidated. Former Flag Pond Elementary School
Interestingly enough, another earlier school was located in the community called “Hog Skin”.
Former Flag Pond Elementary School Today the Flag Pond School sits empty and although has been that way for around 20 years, it still seems to be secured and maintained. The grounds of this school is home to the annual ramp festival which is held on the second Saturday of May each year. Information about this past years festival can be found by clicking HERE Former Flag Pond Elementary School
Former Flag Pond Elementary School


College Grove, Tennessee

These two buildings are part of what remains of the former College Grove High School in College Grove, Tennessee. College Grove is located in middle Tennessee about 22 miles West – Southwest of Murfreesboro. The buildings photograhed in this entry were part of the College Grove Combined School. Until 1975 this school served students in grades K-12. In 1975 Page High School opened and upper grade students from College Grove were absorbed into that new school. This old building would remain in operation until 1992 when a newly constructed campus opened to serve the students of College Grove.
College Grove Tennessee//

The gymnasium was completed in 1961 and replaced a gym that had been constructed on the school grounds in 1924.
College Grove Tennessee//
The Auditorium was completed in 1957.


Fines Creek School — Haywood County, North Carolina

Fines Creek is one of the first communities you come across when you cross into Haywood County, North Carolina coming from Tennessee.


In 1926 Fines Creek Township and a portion of White Oak were consolidated into a special school-taxing district. The new district gave pupils access to one of the five standard high schools in Haywood County. Districts were numbered without regard to Townships. At the same time a bond issue of $30,000.00 was voted to erect a high school in Fines Creek. It was opened in the fall of 1926.


In 1947 Mark M, Ferguson replaced Norman James and Jim McElroy replaced Herman Holder on the committee. At that time, the enrollment was 496.  Of those students 114 were high school and 381 were elementary students.


There were 19 classrooms including the library, The faculty was composed of 15 teachers, ten of whom had finished high school at Fines Creek in the last ten years, graduated from college, and then came back to teach at Fines Creek.


Fines Creek High School survived until 1966 when the high school was taken to Tuscola at Lake Junaluska.


One grade at a time classes were taken to Waynesville Middle School until there were only four grades left in 1994.


A new elementary school in Crabtree serving Crabtree, Iron Duff, Fines Creek, Panther Creek and White Oak was completed.


At that time the four remaining grades in Fines Creek were moved.


The Fines Creek community now has a twenty-year lease from the Haywood County commissioners on the two school buildings and the cafeteria



Former Winfield Elementary School — Scott County, Tennessee


On May 17, 2004 ground broke on a new elementarty school in the Winfield Community of Scott County, Tennessee.    This new school would replace the 60 year old facilty in the following pictures.   Enjoy.


As you can see the grounds are well maintained and secure by the current occupant, some sort of faith based outreach program.


Im guessing that at some point probably in the 1990s this building received the new roof and the large glass windows common in buildings constructed in the 1950s were removed.










Whitley City Elementary — McCreary County, Kentucky


The former Whitley City Elementary is located in the McCreary County community and county seat of Whitley City in Southern Kentucky along US 27.


The building is a classic example of the WPA buildings that were built in the 1930s around this area, made of native sandstone.  The building was built sometime around 1934.

A photo of this school just after construction was completed can be found by clicking on the link below.



Today the school sits abandoned.  I found one reference to it closing in 2008 when the new Whitley City Elementary was opened.