Kmart Store Closings Google Maps Mashup

Kmart Collage
I have spent the evening working on geo-tagging my flickr photos and creating a google map of the Kmart stores that I have visited that have closed since 2016. The grand total is 31. As this Kmart and Sears thing plays out I will continually add to this map and documment the future of Kmart. The map can be seen by clicking  HERE

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Kmart — Corbin, Kentucky

This Kmart is located at 14662 US Highway 25E in Corbin, Kentucky. The store first opened for business on October 26, 1978.

Kmart -- Corbin Kentucky
Notice the broken Kmart sign. 

In 1992 the store was remodeled and expanded. The store held its grand reopening in the fall of 1992. Kmart -- Corbin Kentucky
December 28, 2016 was a bad day for Kmart and their existance in the Bluegrass State. Seven (?!) Kmart stores were announced to be closing across the state, taking their store count from 18 to 11. Included in this announcement was the Corbin store.
Kmart -- Corbin Kentucky Kmart --  Corbin, KY
Kmart --  Corbin, KY Kmart --  Corbin, KY
Kmart --  Corbin, KY Kmart --  Corbin, KY
Kmart --  Corbin, KY Since the beginning of 2016 the Kmart store count across the Bluegrass state has fallen from 22 to 11. In one year, half have been wiped out. At the height of the chain in the early to mid 90s there were more than 50 scattered across the state. In fact, I come from a generation who in my home town of Harlan, Kmart was our Walmart. We didnt have a Walmart until 1991. So during my early years when I would have been kicking and screaming and throwing tantrums for whatever toy I wanted, I would have probably been doing it inside of the Kmart in Harlan. After the Kmart in Harlan closed in 1995 our closest Kmart was then in Middlesboro, until 2002. After it closed our closest Kmart was a tossup between this store and the store in Kingsport. I guess thats where my infatuation comes from in documenting this part of history that many fail to pay attention to. Right before our very eyes and American institutioin is going away. It’s sad, but it definitely needs to be and deserves to be docummented. Kmart --  Corbin, KY

Kmart’s Final Days on Broadway

I know it seems like I have blogged an awful lot about Kmart this summer.

Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee
Ok, I have blogged an awful lot about Kmart this summer. I have visited ten closing stores in the states of Kentucky (3), Tennessee (4), North Carolina (1), Virginia (1) and Indiana (1).

Kmart Store Closings Summer Tour 2016

The last stop on my summer of Kmart store closings tour came today at a store near and dear to me.
Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee The Kmart located in the Northgate Plaza Shopping Center at 4434 North Broadway in Knoxville. Kmart - Broadway, Knoxville, TN
The store originally opened November 7, 1963. It included an auto center and a gas station in the parking lot.
Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee The store also featured a second floor of sales floor space in the rear of the store. That area was used to sell furniture. (special thanks to Sky City Facebook group member Brad Brady for the article posted above and the information about the second floor! Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee
After almost 53 years in business, the Kmart closes for good this Sunday at 9pm.
Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee With the closing of this location, Knoxville will be left with no Kmart stores operating in the city limits, and one single location in Knox County. Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee