Skyvue Twin Drive In — Winchester, Kentucky

The Skyvue Twin Drive In is located on US 60 between Winchester and Lexington Kentucky.


The Drive in opened in 1948.  A second screen was added at a later date.


In February of 2014 the property was put up for sale at a price of $499,000.  The drive in remained in operation during the 2014 season but failed to reopen for the 2015 season.


Ewing Theatre — Lee County, Virginia

This blog is usually filled with abandoned or old schools and/or post offices, but another one of my hobbies and joys is getting out and photographing and researching the history of old theaters like this one and drive ins.


Ewing is located in what is locally known as “The Lower End”  or the western end of Lee County near Cumberland Gap.  In fact, Ewing is one of the western-most settlements in the state of Virginia.


I’m not entirely sure when this theater….or theatre opened or closed.  My guess would be that it was constructed in the 1950s and probably closed in the 1980s.


On someone had posted links to news paper clippins showing show times for shows all the way up to 1979 when the movie “Superman” was playing.


Children under 5 were admitted free at that time.  What a concept right?


Today the building stands in a state of disrepair and is basically a hulled out shell of its self.  I would love to find pictures of this place in its heyday.

The Bell Theater

IMG_0228The Bell Theater was opened in 1939 by a local dentist, Jay Cornn.  It is located at 114 W. Kentucky Avenue.  ScreenHunter_553 May. 17 17.29 Over the years the theater has had several owners.  In 1988 Mike Crockett purchased the Bell Theater with Bobby Taylor. In May of 1991 the theater was reopened to show movies. The theater still shows movies although it is not on a regular basis.   It was recently announced by the new management that the theater is in talks to enter into an agreement with Eastern Kentucky University to host events and entertainment programs at the Bell Theater in conjunction with EKU.    The theater is currently owned by the city of Pineville and operated by Main Street Pineville, a revitalization group dedicated to preserving and advancing downtown Pineville.  For more information about the Bell Theater check out their page on Facebook.

Way Bak Wyn Drive In — Lost Creek KY [Breathitt County]

The Way Bak Wyn Drive In the Lost Creek area of Breathitt County is actually one of the newest drive in theaters in America.  Built in 2008, the two screen drive in could park 350 cars.  waybak

Sadly, on April 9, 2014 the owners posted this message on Facebook:

We are sorry to say the Way-Bak-Wyn Drive-In will not be open in the summer of 2014. We will miss our wonderful customers. Thanks for all your support during our short run. The age of digital has come and we just can’t afford to upgrade our equipment.


Capri Theatre — Greeneville, Tennessee


This is the Capri Theatre located on Andrew Johnson Highway in Greeneville, Tennessee.   There isnt a whole lot of information about this theater online all I can find is that it was last operated by Carmike and closed in 2008  (according to one source mid 2008, the other June 2008)

Scenes From Williamsburg Kentucky


The Art Deco-styled Lane Theater in Williamsburg, (Whitley County) Kentucky was opened on July 15, 1948 and closed in 1987.  There is a facebook page set up to raise awareness of this beautiful theater in hopes of restoring it to be used in the community.  A group known as the Williamsburg Action Team has taken an interest in this theater and here is what they say on their website about the Lane Theater and possible restoration

The Action Team obtained a $10,000 grant from the Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association to hire an architectural and engineering firm to do a feasibility study and draw up our initial renovation plans and overall budget of $2million dollars.  

Currently plans are under way to complete the restoration of the theatre facade  The Action Team has hired theatre architectFrank Sparkman and Associates  to provide a quote for this portion of the restoration. The Action Team is currently seeking funds to complete this work.



The Depot in Williamsburg on Main Street. This Depot is now homw to the  Whitley County Historical Genealogy Society/Museum.  


Old neon Rexall sign still in use at Maiden Drug on Main Street in Williamsburg.


and Finally, the Whitley County Court House.  The courthouse pictured above is the fourth to sit on this site. Interestingly, the original name of Williamsburg was actually “Whitley Courthouse.

Snow Day Photo Remix

It’s been brutally cold here today so i honestly havent even been out of the house.  To be quite honest I havent been much more than out of my bed haha.   That doesnt mean I havent been bored.  So I got to looking on an SD card from last fall and found some pictures and Ive been playing around with them with different effects on ipiccy ( which btw is the best , most user friendly free photo editing site I’ve found)   []  Enjoy.


My personal favorite is this picture of downtown Harlan, Kentucky that I took back in the summer from Ivy Hill.


The old MC. Napier High School located in Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky.  This school was opened in the early 1950s and closed when it consolidated with Dilce Combs High School to form Perry County Central High School in 1995.  The building had been used as an Alternative school until 2005, when the alternative school closed the property was auctioned off in 2007.


a loadout at Bledsoe Coal Corp in Leslie County, Kentucky.

IMG_1236]The Moonlite Drive in located along US Hwy 11 just south of Abingdon, Virginia as it appeared in June of 2014.  Upon doing a quick google search I came across the Facebook page for this drive in and apparently the owners are hoping to open back up next summer.  This drive in originally opened in 1949 and is on the National Register of HIstoric Places.