May 2017 Indiana/Ohio Road Trip: Day 2

These crazy road trips where I bounce back and forth between a couple of states and drive several hundred miles a day hurt a little more than they use to. Today wasnt hardly as many miles as yesterday: 320. I started out the day in Logansport, Indiana. First on my agenda was to check out the mall right across the street from my hotel. The only stores in this mall are Dunham’s Sports and JC Penney. The JC Penney is closing next month. I was impressed with the mall management keeping the fountain going and even putting fake wooden ducks in it haha.
Logansport Mall//
There has been a lot of talk that this mall will close soon and be demolished for the land to be redeveloped.
The next stop was Peru, Indiana where I went to the tiniest Kmart ever. Ill post pictures of that later.

After Peru, I drove down to Marion to explore the Five Points Mall. Much to my surprise there was a carnival set up in the parking lot and that was really cool.
Five Points Mall//
This mall is anchored by Carsons and Roses. It was originally anchored by Carsons, Hills, JC Penney and Sears. The JC Penney and Sears are empty, the Hills is now Roses.
Carnival at Five Points Mall//
A couple of Goodwills later and lunch at some place called the root beer stand and I was on my way to the second Kmart of the day; Gas City, Indiana. This store is a perfect mirrored image layout of the store that was at Village Center Mall in Harlan. Auto Center and all.

After this it gets fuzzy. I started getting tired and just put the address of an abandoned Sears in Trotwood, Ohio in the GPS. I do remember going through Muncie and Richmond.
Welcome To Ohio//
Former Sears -- Trotwood, Ohio//
ALl that remains of the old Salem Mall in Trotwood just north of Dayton.
I explored a few more things and was in the hotel room by 6. An early evening should recharge my batteries. A lot is on tap for tomorrow, I’ll need it.

May 2017 Indiana/Ohio Road Trip: Day 1

Meadow Lake Wind Farm
4:30 came so early this morning.  So early in fact I rolled back over and slept until 5.  In doing that I had to leap out of bed when my alarm went off and leave as quickly as possible.  I was out the door and on the road by about 5:20. The grand total for the day was 485 miles. That 485 miles included 2 new Kmart stores, a mall in Louisville on Bardstown Road that I didnt even know existed, my customary stop at the Falls of the Ohio River State Park in Clarksville, Indiana, 2 Goodwill Outlets, 1 regular Goodwill store, Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, and the Meadow Lake Wind Farm off I65 near Chalmers. Ill give another update tomorrow with a few more pictures from the day. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
Louisville, Kentucky Kmart -- Thompson Rd -- Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana

Ballard County Courthouse — Wickliffe, Kentucky

Ballard County was formed from portions of Hickman County and McCracken County.  Ballard County has the distinction of being the county in Kentucky that borders both Illinois and Missouri.It was named for Bland Ballard , a Kentucky pioneer and soldier who served as a scout for General George Rogers Clark during the American Revolutionary War, and later commanded a company during the War of 1812. On February 17, 1880, the courthouse was destroyed by a fire, which also destroyed most of the county’s early records. At this time the countyseat and courthouse was located in Blandville.

Ballard County Courthouse -- Wickliffe, Kentucky

The county seat was transferred from Blandville to Wickliffe in 1882. This courthouse was built in 1903 with the designs of Missouri architect Jerome B. Legg. It is located in the heart of Wickliffe making it the county’s most prominent structure. On February 27, 1980 the courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Cairo, Illinois (2012)

Cairo, Illinois (2012)
Back in March of 2012 I took a meandering road trip crossing back and forth across the Ohio River between Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and eventually Missouri.  When I started this road trip just north of Louisville, I knew my ultimate endpoint was Cairo, Illinois, the southern most town in Illinois.
Cairo, Illinois (2012) At this time the only significance I knew of about Cairo was that it was the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  I had no idea the deep history I would uncover when I actually visited the town. Cairo, Illinois (2012)
Once I got to the town of Cairo I was floored with the amount of urban decay, and I say that in a very loving way. I hadnt been that impressed since I stumbled upon the coal towns of southern West Virginia.
Cairo, Illinois (2012)
Cairo was founded in 1858. The peak population of Cairo occured in 1920 at nearly 16,000 people. The 2015 estimate is fewer than 2,500.
Cairo, Illinois (2012) Cairo, Illinois (2012)
According to updates on google earth many of the buildings in my photos are now demolished. In the very near future I am returning to Cairo complete with updated pictures and definitely more documentation than I had from the trip in 2012. Be on the lookout for the update in the next week or so!
Cairo, Illinois (2012)

Mars Hill Radio Theatre — Mars Hill, North Carolina

Mars Hill Theater -- Mars Hill, North Carolina The Mars Hill Theatre, the only theater located in Madison County, North Carolina opened originally in 1947. Mars Hill Theater -- Mars Hill, North Carolina
The theater operated until 1992 when it was closed.
Mars Hill Theater -- Mars Hill, North Carolina
Renovations began in 2014 and on June 11, 2016, the theater reopened to the public. This theater is unique in the fact that it has an on site radio station based at the theater.

Kmart’s Final Days on Broadway

I know it seems like I have blogged an awful lot about Kmart this summer.

Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee
Ok, I have blogged an awful lot about Kmart this summer. I have visited ten closing stores in the states of Kentucky (3), Tennessee (4), North Carolina (1), Virginia (1) and Indiana (1).

Kmart Store Closings Summer Tour 2016

The last stop on my summer of Kmart store closings tour came today at a store near and dear to me.
Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee The Kmart located in the Northgate Plaza Shopping Center at 4434 North Broadway in Knoxville. Kmart - Broadway, Knoxville, TN
The store originally opened November 7, 1963. It included an auto center and a gas station in the parking lot.
Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee The store also featured a second floor of sales floor space in the rear of the store. That area was used to sell furniture. (special thanks to Sky City Facebook group member Brad Brady for the article posted above and the information about the second floor! Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee
After almost 53 years in business, the Kmart closes for good this Sunday at 9pm.
Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee With the closing of this location, Knoxville will be left with no Kmart stores operating in the city limits, and one single location in Knox County. Kmart -- Broadway, Knoxville Tennessee

Impossible Project Color Frames Color Set

One of my favorite types of the Polaroid 600 film sold by Impossible Project is the Color Frame Color Film.  I am really happy with the way these photos turned out.  I am slowly tweaking my techniques and realizing what works and what doesn’t with the Polaroid 600 camera and Impossible Project Film.  There is about as much science that goes into using this film as there is photography ideas.  Enjoy.
Color Frame Impossible Project 600
Huntington Park Beach, Newport-News, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse — Williamsburg, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Governor’s Palace — Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Abandoned Grocery Store, Richmond, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Shopping Center United States Post Office, Richmond, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Catsburg Country Store near Durham, North Carolina

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Dairy King, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Color Frame Impossible Project 600

Benham Kentucky and The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum

Benham (population 599), a city in northern Harlan County was founded in 1911 as a coal mining company town by Wisconsin Steel, a subsidiary of International Harvester.  There are several buildings in the town that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  For the purposes of this entry I will focus on one of these buildings, The former Commissary which was built in 1923.


The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, housed in the former commissary building (1923), which is in the center of this photo, has became a regional tourist attraction. Three stories of exhibits feature the history of coal mining in Kentucky and the life of coal miners and their families. The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum features exhibits on a miner’s home, a company hospital, commissary, and school; engineering, coal sampling, a mock mine tour and the Loretta Lynn “Coal Miner’s Daughter” exhibit.  The Museum opened in May of 1994.



The Benham Post Office is located near the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum.