Kingdom Come Settlement School — Letcher County, Kentucky


Kingdom Come Elementary School is located in Letcher County along state route 160.  This is the school that you can see the roof of off in the valley from the overlooks in Kingdom Come State Park in Cumberland. The school’s roots can be traced back to 1924 when the Kingdom Come Settlement School was founded.


Until the mid 1960s Kingdom Come Settlement School would act as a combined school serving students from Elementary all the way through high school.


In the mid 1960s the Letcher County Board of Education decided to start building newer, modern, larger schools.  It was suggested that high school students at Kingdom Come be transferred to Whitesburg High School and Kingdom Come become a K-8 facility.



In this plan neighboring schools of Bear Branch, Coyes Gap and Hurricane Gap would close and students would be absorbed into the new Kingdom Come Elementary.


After several delays, in the fall of 1971 construction began.


A new school was built at Kingdom Come where it remained in operation until 2007 when faced with budget issues the school of 85 students was closed.


From research I have done, this building was part of the original Kingdom Come School and remained in use as the new school was being constructed.


The school now serves as a multi purpose community center.




2 thoughts on “Kingdom Come Settlement School — Letcher County, Kentucky”

  1. Thank you for this interesting piece of information. My dad presided over a funeral this week in southern West Virginia and the gentleman who had passed graduated from Kingdom Come School. I currently reside in Louisville, KY so my father was naturally curious to know if I had ever heard of such a school. He was very intrigued by the unique name. I was familiar with the state park which bears the same name, but not the school. In an attempt to satisfy his curiosity, I set out to find a little more information about the school, but wasn’t coming up with much until I your blog post come up. My dad thanks you and I thank you!

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